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Mix EditionSlipmats

New Purple Mix Edition 

When compared to scratch specific slipmats, the Dr. Suzuki Mix Edition slipmats are noticably thicker and engineered to resist shock and agitation.

These sturdy anti-static mats also minimize the noise made when controlling the record for smoother mixes and performance. It also features a diameter slightly shorter than the record which prevents the slipmat from sticking to the vinyl when switching records. Scratching is still very possible with these mats (though you might want to add a slipsheet under for a looser feel). Great for DJing of all genres, routines, battles, and digital control records (Serato, Traktor, etc). 

RRP £24.99

From Dr. Suzuki, the creator of the best selling D-Styles Tablecloth comes the versatile Mix Edition Dr. Suzuki Slipmats. These slipmats were created especially for mix and routine DJs that need more control and find the Scratch Edition slipmats too slick.    

New Orange Mix Edition

The Dr Suzuki Mix Edition Slipmats are also available in a 12" Orange edition .

RRP £24.99 


RRP £24.99

Created by Dr Suzuki

Dr. Suzuki is a pioneer and legend in the DJ industry.

As the inventor of the DJ slipmat, Dr Suzuki continues to develop the best slipmats in the world and brings the highest standard for all DJ's.

Every slipmat was hand built with pride and confidence by our slipmat sensei. quality only found in Japan, Dr Suzuki brings you the Suzuki slipmat.

The new look scratch slipmats come as a pair. These 12" mats also come with 2 x slipsheets so you can add extra slip.

The perfect slipmat for the scratch DJ or any style of DJing. Supplied in grey with white logo and made from the same quality material as the original Tablecloth slipmats.



RRP £14.99

The Dr Suzuki slip sheets are designed to sit between your slipmat and turntable platter to reduce friction and give your record more slip, and so enables better record control. Best used with any of the range of Dr Suzuki slipmats like the Tablecloths or the Mix edition but can also be used with any slipmat.


Supplied in a pack of 8


Kuttin Donuts


  • Perfect for Portable Record players
  • High Density Felt - Reduces the vibration and provides stability
  • Special Material - Reduces static electricity and provides a perfect skating
  • Breathable - For Heat control to vinyl record
  • Anti-static
  • Feather weight
  • Superior Durability
  • Space Technology
  • 100% Sucker free 
  • Available in White or Black

RRP £14.99

 Dr Suzuki introduces his newest 7" Scratch performance slipmat Kuttin Donuts!

As the 7" game continues to grow stronger everyday Dr Suzuki introduces his newest 7" scratch performance slipmat, Kuttin Donuts!!

By using his patented materials Dr Suzuki is able to have the record sit as flat and thin as possible to the slipmat/platter.

With use of the similar materials found on the Dr Suzuki series slipmats it is now possible to achieve the best performance and hand control even on a portable record player.

Another amazing features is if you experience any doming or warped records the centre label cut out on the slipmat allows the record to sit snug into the slipmat to lessen any wobble/warp issues.

Another one from Dr Suzuki for the DJ's. 

The Donuts


Play 7" vinyl as you would 12" vinyl
Absorbs Vibration
Reduces needle skipping
Ultimate control for 7" vinyl
Dr Suzuki quality
Made in Japan

RRP: £24.99

Dr Suzuki gives you The Donuts the ultimate slipmats for spinning 45'S. Made with all new material and to help resolve problems such playing warped records The Donuts are back!!

The Donuts is the perfect product for those who want to scratch and juggle on 7" vinyl. Simple to use all you have to do is set them up on your 12" vinyl and handle the 12" part so you are playing 7" records as you are playing 12" records.

Made in Japan by the slipmat sensei Dr Suzuki they are crafted using the highest quality material to help absorb vibration and stop the needle skipping so you can enjoy playing your favorite 7" records.