The innoFADER PNP Revolutionary Non-Contact Fader

The innoFADER has been designed to completely change the way you feel about the crossfader. With four models available, the new PNP - is the latest model to join the range with simpler plug and play fitting and constructed to the highest standard and is compatible with a wide range of mixer models.

This essentially fits the same mixers as the original Innofader with the following improvements:

  • Extra knob!
  • No adapter boards!
  • On-board wiring tester
  • Reversible 3 and 4 pin VCA cables
  • Denon / Rane Empath cable included
  • Added insulator card on the bottom
  • Added DJM-800 and DJM-900 mounting brackets
  • 2 Vinyl marking stickers included


  • Exclusive all new non-contact, variable capacitor technology
  • No bleed/cracking – Ever!
  • Sturdy design with 8mm fader stem
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced fader
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • No adapter boards
  • Adjustable curve
  • Onboard adjustment of both the cut-in point and the curve
  • Single cut-in adjustment for both sides
  • 100% resistant to dust, smoke, temperature and moisture
  • No cleaning required
  • Using only the highest quality parts for extra reliability and durability
  • Highly polished premium grade stainless steel rails for that extra smooth glide

The innoFADER offers unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you just don’t find in other crossfaders. Try one today to find out what an innoFADER can do to improve your mixing.


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