To maintain quality it is necessary to regularly care for your vinyl.  
Zomo offers a wide range of the ultimate vinyl-cleaning solutions to look after your collection.

Zomo Accessories currently distributed by Scratch Pro Audio

Record Cleaner -01
Zomo RC-01 Record Cleaner

The Zomo RC-01 Record Cleaner is an absolute must for all vinyl collectors and all people who want to keep their record collection in the best condition. With the included anti-static record cleaning cloth and the cleaning fluid, dust and dirt can removed easily, gently and effectively. The cleaning fluid can be used easily and has an anti-static effect. The carbon fibre brush (optional) can increase the cleaning effect. A really ideal combination!


• Content: 250 ml

• !! Do not use with shellac-records !! 

Vinyl Brush Carbon-01

Zomo Carbon Fibre Brush VBC-01

Zomo Carbon Fibre Brush VBC-01 - The perfect way to clean your vinyl without electrostatic charge. A gentle brush with the Microniser prior to record playing, enables a million tiny filaments to discharge the harmful deposits from the grooves and bring a new dimension to record care. 

Stylus Cleaner-01

Zomo SC-01 Stylus Cleaner

With the Zomo SC-01 Stylus Cleaner, the valuable diamond which is responsble for the clean sound can be cleaned easily and gently. Clean the pick-up with the integrated brush - let it dry - finished! A simple but very effective tool. 


Zomo VPS-01 - Velvet brush 

with stylus cleaner

Zomo VPS-01 - Velvet brush with stylus cleaner is a simple but effective way to clean your vinyl and the diamond of your pick-up. Especially in combination with the Zomo RC-01 Record Cleaner, an intensive cleaning is guaranteed. 


Zomo VSS-01 - Vinyl Service Set

An "all inclusive" set for solid protection. The Zomo VSS-01 - Vinyl Service Set, including Zomo Stylus Cleaner SC-01 the Zomo Anti-Static Cleaning vinyl fluid, the Zomo Carbon Fibre Vinyl Brush VBC-01 and a anti-static cleaning cloth, is the perfect set to free your precious records of electro static charges, dust and dirt.