Revolutionary Non-Contact Fader

Scratch Pro Audio are proud to be the exclusive distributors in the UK and majority of Western Europe for the acclaimed innoFADER, the next generation of DJ crossfader technology.

The innoFADER introduces an all new capacitance technology, which means long life, ultra low maintenance and absolutely no bleeding - ever. Plus thanks to its non-contact technology, the innoFADER can also withstand even the most demanding DJ environments.

The Audio Innovate innoFADER has been designed to completely change the way you feel about the crossfader in your mixer. Having worked closely with, and studied the habits and requirements of today’s DJs, the innoFADER offers unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you simply do not find with other faders.

The innoFADER has been designed to plug and play with the widest range of commercially available mixers around, and includes all necessary adaptor boards, plates, screws and washers in the package.

The innoFADER also comes with another first - full onboard cut-in and curve control, meaning you can actually add adjustability to mixers that may not already have it. In addition, the faders tension can also be adjusted to make the innoFADER suit your very own style. 

Available models:

  • innoFADER PRO
  • Mini innoFADER
  • Mini innoFADER PNP
  • innoJuster