We are pleased to announce a brand new product to join the innoFADER range - the innoBENDER. Developed to cater for midi controllers as well as mixers with limited space for replacement faders, the innoBENDER's angle brackets, stems, and mounting hardware, enables you to achieve the satisfaction of a sturdy, super smooth and fully adjustable innoFADER in even the tightest of spaces.

The innoBENDER currently has hardware specifically designed to allow it to fit and work in the following products: Vestax VCI-300, Traktor Kontrol S.4, Pioneer DJM-400, Pioneer DJM-350, Stanton m.207 and Mackie d.2.

Since this package already includes a standard innoFADER, it is also compatible with all of the mixers that work with the original model. There is also talk of an innoBENDER Pro kit in the pipeline, which will fit special mixers such as the Denon DN-X300 and Numark Pro SMX. Watch this space for more information.