Revolutionary non-contact crossfader now easier to install than ever before

Following extensive customer feedback and product development, Audio Innovate has begun shipping the Innofader PNP – a new “plug and play” version of the world’s most popular non-contact crossfader.

The Innofader PNP, which has been designed to replace the original Innofader in stores, features a number of tweaks and improvements designed to make the installation process easier than ever.

Whereas the original Innofader came with tons of cables and parts to fit different mixer configurations, the “plug and play” version boasts a simple selection of three and four pin cables, a universal fixing plate and additional fixing plates specifically designed for the popular Pioneer DJM-800 and DJM-900 mixers.

Installation has also been made easier thanks to a couple more Innofader innovations. The label on the fader itself has been changed to provide simple, clear installation instructions, while the testing circuitry – used to determine if the fader is working with your mixer – is now built in to the fader itself. With adaptor boards no longer needed, installation is a doddle – even for those with no prior experience of replacing a crossfader.

Some users of the original Innofader had issues with insulation. To combat this problem, the Innofader PNP features a thick insulation strip that insulates the open circuit on the back of the fader from the rest of the DJ mixer’s circuits.

These tweaks and improvements mean that the Innofader PNP is the most well-rounded and practical Innofader model yet. With an RRP of £124.99, it should appeal to DJs and turntablists who are looking for a quality, non-contact fader that will fit almost any mixer.

As with the original model, the Innofader PNP fits most popular DJ mixer brands (ECLER excepted, which is supported by the popular Innofader PRO model), and comes boxed with a Denon/Rane Empath cable and well as reversible 3 and 4-pin VCA cables.

Currently on route to your local DJ Store please contact them for details